Finding Peace and Comfort

I had a long conversation yesterday with a friend at work who is extremely depressed about his career and what he is to do with his life. I prayed for sensitivity to have the words he needed to hear, but not much came to mind. I mainly just listened and encouraged.

Anyway, here are the thoughts that came to my mind while I was listening.

The secret to finding peace and comfort is.........Know where you're heading.

So many people are worried about who they are. It's the new age craze of finding oneself. However, I think as Christians, we need to define ourselves by who we will be. We are much more significant than the frail and fallen self we find when we look in the mirror. We are redeemed. We are justified. We are sanctified. We are Christ's hands and feet to the world. We will find peace and comfort when we are heading towards the finish line God has planned for us. Every other path will bring frustration.

It's never too late to switch gears and hop onto the path God has planned for our lives. The frustration we are in can subside. But it isn't a magic formula; it's not a quick fix. Frustrations will still come. We are sometimes deceived about where God wants us to go. I was depressed and frustrated three weeks ago. I thought I knew what God wanted to do with my life, and that door was closed. I'm still confused about that situation and what God wants done, but I have reached the place again of having the joy and peace that Christ brings in my life. I became content with the situation I am in.

The key to peace is comfort is more than just knowing where you are headed but letting God define who we are and allowing ourselves to be molded by him. This way we can head where he wants us to go.

Watch out for potholes.