Kingdom Thinking vs Symptom Thinking

Ken Ham in his book Why Won't They Listen wrote:

"There is a major problem in Christendom. Too many people concentrate solely on fighting the symptoms, when the issues are the problem. They are simply the symptoms of the real problem."

This seems to be a problem in almost every area of society. We deal with poor people by giving them money rather than educating them how to fend for themselves. We have a medical culture that deals with symptoms rather than the real problems. All across the board the Christian Right, or whatever they call themselves nowadays, tries to legislate morality. Dealing with symptoms will never fix any problem.

The problem is people's hearts. We want to see abortion stopped in America, then we need to help Americans believe that God loves each and every unborn child. If we want to see the poor fed, then we need to instill in everyone a genuine love for the poor so that they will have a desire to help the poor people that want helped out. The problem is symptom thinking rather than kingdom thinking.

In kingdom thinking we will love in order that Christ will shine through us. Symptom thinking causes us to force people to adhere to what we want them to do.

Watch out for the potholes