The only people doing their job

The Army recruiters understand that my store is a great place to recruit for future soldiers because of the amount of teenagers that spend time hanging out at my store. They have left brochures for me to sit on my counter. Today they asked me what night the most teenagers are there, so they can come over, hang out, play games with them, get to know them, and hopefully recruit them. Despite being non-violent and the inner conflict all of this causes on me, I was impressed.

But I was also saddenned. I have prayed that a local youth pastor would come down and befriend many of the teens that hang out at my store. Many of them come from terrible family situations. Most of them don't have parents that care about them. I would almost wager that none of them have parents that discipline them. And sadly, almost all of them are void of knowing Jesus and his kingdom. But no youth pastor has come. I have been there two years and still no youth pastor. It seems weird that a youth pastor wouldn't ever come and hang out with kids playing games. I'm baffled.

The army knows how to recruit. The church has something much greater than simply recruitment to get done, and, sadly, it isn't getting done.

Unless, of course, they know that I'm a Christian and think that the store is my territory. I don't think that is the case.

Watch out for the potholes.