A Court Win for God Under Technicality - Trying to be a Christian Nation

Today's headline at Yahoo read, "Court Allows 'Under God' on Technicality" This is just an example of yesterday's point that we are not even close to being a Christian nation. Some of you might be saying, "That's right, and we aren't supposed to be one." I would agree.

But what happens when the majority of a nation is actually Christian, not just in survey polls only? Let's revisit Christian Exodus. If Christians move to an area and become a very large majority, should they let the non-believers decide whether we should abort babies, feed the hungry, help prisoners better themselves, and stand up for world peace? Or should Christians stand up and not allow in utero babies to be aborted, feed the hungry out of our excess or even sacrifice our just enough, re-educate prisoners, and try to bring about world peace? I'm sure there are many other things that Christians should not allow to be on their hands if they are the majority in the society.

I'm not talking about militaristic taking over of a country, but what a democratic country should look like if Christians are in the majority. Christians should always be concerned first and foremost about the kingdom of God. But does that exclude us from being concerned about our family, our work, or even our government. Why do we exclude government from the whole subject? The Bible doesn't tell us much on how to raise a godly family, yet we still believe that is something God wants us to do. The Bible doesn't tell us much on how to be godly in the workplace, yet we still believe that is something God wants us to do. Why do we say, "The Bible doesn't tell us how to be godly citizens in a democracy (something they didn't even have when the Bible was written), so we need not worry anything about it?"

I am not just asking these questions Socratically. I really am struggling with the issue. In college, discussion was the way we would arrive at the truth. (Thanks, Shannon Caroland.) We would discuss, discuss, discuss, until we, usually, came to agreement. It was very rare where when we didn't come to a concensus and decided to agree to disagree. Now that I'm in the real world nobody seems to care about one another and their thoughts. People's thoughts are up to the individual and nobody else should have a right to influence them unless they are a paid minister or psychiatrist. From them it is expected but easily disregarded because it is their job. So we always keep ourselves isolated on the throne of a kingdom of one. I would much rather be a citizen in a community of 1000s than the king of one.

Watch out for the potholes.