Pokemon and the Evil World of Gaming

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One interesting story to share about yesterday. After church I was standing around talking to another churchgoer who I am developing a friendship with. I decided as part of my casual conversation to share with him a new hobby that I started this week. It is the same new hobby I told you about the other day, the one I told you to take a poke at. Anyway, the new hobby is Pokemon.

So I said, "I started playing Pokemon this week."

His wife who was standing by turned to the conversation and said, "What did you say?"

Still ignorant of her fellings, I replied something along the lines of, "I started playing Pokemon this week. I know I'm a little old, but I figured it would help me relate to the kids who come into the store better. I was surprised to find how fun the gameplay is."

She replied, "We made Lauren (her daughter) quit playing Pokemon."

I asked, "Why?"

I'm done using quotes now.

She explained that when some guy who could barely speak English came over from South America or South Asia - I can't remember which- he knew who all of the Pokemon were and their abilities despite the fact that he didn't even know the game. You could tell him a name of a Pokemon and he would be able to tell you the powers because all of the Pokemon are supposedly based on ancient gods from that region.

The people I was talking to have a good and sincere faith, so I don't want to belittle them or their beliefs. I like them tremendously. However, I fail to see, even if I concede the worst case scenario, how playing with cards that are designed after ancient gods is a dangerous thing. Am I or anyone going to start worshipping these fake gods because they are on their favorite Pokemon card? Nobody that is playing them know they are gods anyway. Do we open ourselves up to demon possesion by using days of the week that are named after Norse gods? I haven't heard of that happening to anyone.

When I opened up the store in Defiance, I did a lot of research on gaming and whether it is compatible with the Christian faith. I wanted to know where I stood because I didn't want to compromise my faith. Then after deciding it was okay, I wanted to be able to tell others who felt it was wrong why it was okay. I did a little explaining to them yesterday. I don't know how fruitful it was.

When I was researching, I couldn't find a rational article on the internet on why gaming is evil. So if you know of something that could convince that it is, I would love to hear it. I want to be right with God and I could be misguided on this point.

Here are some of the useful websites I found when I was looking it up previously. Most of these deal with D&D and the concept of roleplaying games. But I think the concepts apply to card flopping games like Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic. If you have any well-thought out and educated thoughts on this subject, I would love to hear them. If you're just speaking out of your emotions without having studied up on this subjec, please remain quiet.

But before I give you the resources on why gaming is okay, here is a great site and an example of most sites on why gaming is wrong.

Click here to read the whole cartoon. But beware! If you like it and want to hand it out. The tract is actually being sold on their site.

A brief summary by a Mormon writer of fantasty novels.
It's at the bottom of the page in the FAQ.

- A Christian and former minister, who now works in game devolopment for Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, writes this.
Confessions of a D&D addict
A site that is useful on how to make gaming Christian.

That's all for today. Watch out for the potholes.