Another Pothole in the Road of Blogging

Well, I just typed up my first blog. Went to preview. Wanted to change something. Pressed back. It was gone. No more first blog.

So here is my second. I'm sorry if it sounds a lot like the first. However, I know that you didn't read it.

This blog is an accident. I wanted to reply to a post in Tom's blog about Christian Exodus but I couldn't use my name until I created an account. I didn't want to be Mr. Anonymous. So here I am. Maybe it is a vain attempt at not trying to be Mr. Anonymous. But I view it as more of a way to keep in touch.

A quick update on one of the most important areas of my life, the church. The reason I bring this up in my first post is because I would like the prayers of anyone out there reading this. I'm getting a lot more involved down here. After a year in the wilderness, I've been given the opportunity to be more involved. I'm heading up the small group program. We are starting it from scratch. The church had a plethora of good leaders to choose from, so I think we will be in good shape. I'm taking a more active role in the high schoolers lives. I currently teach Sunday School. But the thing I'm most excited about is to lead a Friday night movie discussion group. We are going to watch a movie every week and discuss the themes in it afterwards. If you know of good movies to use, please post them in the reply area. I would love to hear your ideas. I have a lot already, but I'm sure some that I don't already have would be better than what I have. I do have one stipulation after talking with the parents: the movies cannot be over PG-13. That's the challenge - finding deep movies that don't cross that line. Please pray for me and my involvment in the church.

Since some of you reading this will be from the Delta Community Church in Lansing. I just wanted to say that we miss you. We will be up in August and look forward to seeing all of you.

As for the post in Tom's blog that I was referring to. It could have come across that I'm in favor of it. I'm not in favor or against it yet. It raises a lot of questions. Would a nation (you could just call it the church that has physical boundaries) that is focused on God and his glory be a good witnessing tool to winning the world? It would be a chance to show more of the world that this is the way Christians live and the way we take care of everyone in our society. Would you lose your opportunity to witness on an individual (isn't that the only way that matters in America?) by living in such a society? At what point in sheltering ourselves from the world do we lose our ability to witness?

That final question also centers around the struggle I'm having with whether to homeschool our children. But I don't want to talk about everything in my first blog. Nothing will be left over for the rest of my life.

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Currently reading - Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

I'll give reviews of books when I'm done with them. I just let you know that if I like the music. I think music reviews are so ridiculous.

Have a good day and avoid the potholes.