The Sea of Change - A Call and a Change of Direction

Too many of my friends' relief, the short-lived RV Dream is dead. It died a quick death as a result of prayer and seeking God's will for our lives. I find the timing of the RV dream pretty funny since it was probably the dream of Regan and Lindsay while God had other plans.

I'm 31, just finishing up my MA in history, and am still discovering what God wants to do with my life. It's exciting. I had what is the most tangible calling of my life. The story is too hokey to print for the whole random world to read. If you really want to know the details, I would gladly share it with you through email or during an offline conversation. Most of our personal plans have been thrown out the window and we are leaping into what will become one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

I remember back when we moved to Lansing, pregnant with our first child and unemployed, to plant a church. Looking back, that was crazy, but God provided. I have found comfort recently in the amazing story of Mother Angelica and God providing for her to do the ministry he called her to. I know that God will not call us to do something and without providing the way, although he oftentimes waits until the very last moment to comfort us with His provisions. This new change in direction in our lives might be up there on the crazy meter with the church plant in Lansing except we are not pregnant now, just busy raising four kids.

So what is the new direction? We are going to be campus ministers. More specifically, I am going to be a campus minister and Lindsay will offer essential support from the home. We have been offered three different schools and are praying about where to go. I can't share those schools at the time because a few of them still have staff who are going to be leaving and that is not my place to broadcast on the internet. It was not until earlier this week that we made the official decision to jump. Now, we are continuing to pray a lot and have begun to work on the preliminary details that have to be done before finding financial partners can begin. Please put us on your prayer lists. We need lots of prayer for this ministry to be successful.

Campus Ministry is something I had never even considered before, but it does seem to fit me. I have my insecurities about my speaking ability which is a definitely useful for a successful campus ministry. I also have fears about providing for my family. And I need to find a team of two other people to go with me, preferably one being a woman to minister to the women on campus. (Anyone interested?) I know God will provide in all ways; it is just that we do not often find ourselves in situations where we need His sustenance. I guess that God is moving my family out of that comfortable bubble.

We are making a trip on Sunday to one of the colleges. We are excited yet nervous. We want to make sure that we go where God wants us.

I also would like opinions on this question. Would it be wise for me to dismantle this blog, especially with what can be controversial political posts, in light of this new direction?