Vote Your Conscience - Churches Telling Us Who To Vote For

I received this email from my brother Sunday.

Regan, what is up with our churches trying to tell us who to vote for. I missed church because I had to open the Glenbrook store but I think I would have walked out because our pastor was trying to tell us who to vote for. Then Sara comes in to work from church and she says the same thing. They are working around the system by not saying names because they aren't supposed to tell us who to vote for. I'm not even registered and I super ticked. Sara said her church said she is bad christian if she would vote for O. Brandi is not even sure if she wants to vote now.

After talking to my brother over the phone, he thinks he is going to quit going to the church he has been attending. If you are a minister or a leader in your church, is it worth losing believers because of a secular election? What about young believers who do not know better? If you are going to turn someone off to Christ, let it be because of the gospel and a complete, radical devotion to it. McCain/Palin is not the gospel, not even close.

Churches should not endorse candidates. It's not good for their parishioners. You can be a democrat or republican and still be a Christian, and a church should never make you think otherwise. They can deal with all of the issues Jesus would be concerned with, but they should leave the candidates alone. (And Jesus probably does not care about gun rights, might actually be a fan of free trade, and is probably not a conservative when it comes to immigration.) They could even have a class over the issues, the biblical approach to those issues, and the candidates positions on those issues. Now I know that some churches would have a really short class because it would not take all that long to deal with abortion, but there is much more to a well-rounded Christian approach to voting than abortion.

So here is my advice. Pray about what and who you are going to vote for and vote your conscience. You will have to be answerable for your own vote. Make sure your vote is your own conviction and nobody elses.