Election Day

I received an email after my post yesterday on churches and voting pointing me to a blog post that points out that socialism is against the Ten Commandments. What Would Judas Do?

I would say capitalism is against many of the commandments too in the sense in which the writer is approaching the commandments. I think there is a reason God did not come down on the side of any economic system. It's because he does not really care. Just based on his desire for Israel in the Old Testament, he wants a society where the poor, widows, and orphans are not oppressed and are given equal treatment under the justice system. He never really deals with how to give the wealthy fair treatment. It did not even come on God's radar in the Old Testament.

Capitalism, if the corporate owners are not greedy, can do that. Socialism, if the gifted are not selfish and lazy, can do that. Neither system is perfect. Both appeal to our better selves to work. Also to note, we do not operate under pure, or even close to pure, capitalism.

Happy election day to you all. Tomorrow you wake up to socialized America. (Just kidding. You're already in socialized America. It's just socialism for the wealthy in many cases.)