The Hawk, The Squirrel, and The Crow

I had a strange experience today. I left the Swarthmore College Peace Collection for my lunch. As I walking across campus, I was startled. Five feet away from me was a hawk, next to a Magnolia tree, standing over a dead grey squirrel. At first I thought it might be a statue because the situation was just so surreal. But then I moved and the hawk moved his head to keep his eyes on me. He was staring at me. We stared at each other for an eternity. After about two minutes, some students arrived with their camera. Apparently they had seen the hawk and squirrel and wanted to get pictures.

I stood around for a few minutes watching the photographers shoot their pictures. Eventually, I left the hawk and his dead prey. About a hundred yards later, I see another hawk. This one is flying across the rugby field. This hawk lands in a tree. A nearby crow does not like the hawk being in the tree. I stand there and watch the crow dive at the hawk for about forty-five seconds. Eventually, the hawk gives away his position and flies away.

It almost all seemed so dreamlike. Very Strange. Does it mean anything? Is it just a coincidence?

This is what you get since election season is over.