The Fishy Smell of Soldiers Stationed on American Soil

Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security

The story makes me feel like my more libertarian friends.

I do not understand why the military has to be the group trained to provide relief to the American population in case of a nuclear attack. Can't we train the Peace Corps for nuclear fallout relief? Or another organization if the Peace Corps is not the proper solution? A nonviolent Homeland Relief organization would work well. It just seems wise to keep it out of the hands of the group that would be the ones to oppress us if oppression were to happen?

I know it mind sound harsh, but the military is trained to kill people and win wars. The soldiers who might not be directly involved in the killing are there to provide support to the men trained to kill people. We should have a separate organization for nation building, if we feel led to do that, or disaster relief. Our military is being used more and more for those two tasks which distracts them from their real purpose. I just do not see the logic of stationing soldiers on American soil who need to go find Osama. Let us create a nonviolent nation building organization and a nonviolent disaster relief organization, which we already have in the Red Cross, if we feel the need to continue doing those tasks.

History shows that the government plans and implements without the consent of the people. For instance, the draft for WWII happened a year and a half before the United States entered the war. Roosevelt claimed that we were going to remain neutral while he prepared and planned in secret to enter the war. This stationing of troops at home reeks of the government planning something that we do not know about. I assume we will know in three years.

All I want is for them to not station American brigades on our soil in the name of homeland security. If there is a need for a nuclear relief organization, then start one that does not carry guns and does not have the ability to oppress the population. Even if the intention is noble, abuse is not far behind.