American Roulette

Traffic is backed up for a wreck. Time passes. Frustration wells as I am going to arrive late to work. An hour later, the jam begins to move. We all drive by the wreck slowly looking at the damage done to the cars. It looks like an unsuspecting driver was t-boned by a car that missed a stop sign. A broadside at fifty-five. I drive a little faster as if that will make up for the lost time.

I'm reading a book as the evening news blares in the background. I miss hearing about a casualty from the wreck. My book is interesting. It's one of those spiritual self-help books. One of those that will make me a better person just by reading it.

I wake up in the morning, shave and shower just like I did yesterday. I get dressed. I eat my breakfast. I hop in my car. I'm running a little late. It's my morning ritual. I turn the key and start down the road. It's time for another game of American Roulette. And I don't even realize that I am playing.