I love God's Pottery

Last night I watched Last Comic Standing and was sadly disappointed that the winner did not make me laugh once and the biggest loser made me laugh the whole time they were on stage. Okay, maybe not really the whole time. When they took the stage I really did not know what to think of them. But that didn't matter for long. They soon had me laughing out loud on my couch while I was the only one awake in the house. Great stuff.

So here's to God's Pottery.

I recommend listening to some of their clips. I only listened to the audio but I enjoyed The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On and Brand New Start With Christ. They will make you laugh, cringe, and wonder whether it is appropriate comedy. In the end, I think it is just fine to make light of ourselves once in a while. Enjoy the laugh. But don't listen out loud at work. Your co-workers might think you are crazy. While not inappropriate, the words are probably not something you want broadcast to those around you.