Final Cancer Update

Good news! Despite some of what they removed from temple being not normal (they did not use the word cancerous and I cannot recall the confusing word they did use), I am all clear because they removed enough. The way I can think of explaining it is that I had a bad area that was the size of a dime but they removed the size of a quarter.

Two of the three other moles that they removed were "bad" (again I cannot remember the technical term) moles and could have been on their way to melanoma, but they were not cancerous yet. The surgeon says that I have shown a tendency to develop cancer so I need to be careful now. Now I just have to regularly visit a dermatologist and have everything removed that looks suspicious. I have a 90% survival rate for the next five years. Thanks to all who prayed for me. I cannot thank you enough.

Live as if there is a tomorrow!