Using the flip-flop tactic again

Recent cries of flip-flopping have been hurled at Obama. I understand that the approach worked very well in 2004 in taking Kerry down, so it is no surprise that the same tactic would be used at trying to take down Obama.

What is not understood by the people proclaiming that Obama is a flip-flopper is that the desires of the American people have changed since 2004. Then, we wanted sure and steady. Now, we want change. Congress and the President have the smallest approval ratings in recorded history. This new environment brings a new set of American values. Flip-flopping, if understood as the ability to quickly change one's mind based upon new circumstances, appears to be in vogue now compared to the steady and unwavering decisions of President Bush.

Maybe branding Obama a flip-flopper will work on some, but I am obviously not the target audience of those attacks. Every time I hear another news story that Obama has flip-flopped, I breathe a sigh of relief and think, "Whew, this man can change his mind and his approach to situations based upon changing circumstances." Flip-flopping comes across as an asset.

Obama does have many flaws that the McCain camp could attack, but I think the flip-flop flaw might actually be an asset in this election cycle.