The Lost Concepts

My wife and I love the television show Lost. We intentionally put our kids down a half-hour early in order to not be interrupted while watching it. (That didn't work last night anyway. Twenty minutes into the show I heard Isaac crying my name. I went up there to see what he wanted. He needed a kleenex.) We spend about ten minutes at Sunday School discussing the themes and what the Bible says about them. I love the show.

The last few weeks weren't as specific on a point as the previous weeks. It seemed to be a spray gun with a lot of points rather than a fire house blasting one point through your chest.

Anyway, on to the points of last night.

The major point of last night was the doctor (I still don't know names) in flashback scenes struggling with whether to turn in his father for operating while under the influence of alcohol. He makes the wrong decision at one point, but then he goes on to make the right one. As I always tell the teens in my Sunday School class - you know you're genuinely following God when you do something to follow him that you really don't want to do. Whether it is giving up something you enjoy because it deters you from being who God wants you to be or starting to do something that you don't really want to make time for. Whatever the case, when you concede your will to the will of God despite not really wanting to, you know you are on the right path.

We also have the story of the doctor trying to do everything. The old, wise man tries to tell him that he is needed back at the camp because he is the only doctor and they can't risk losing him. The doctor ignores him. At this point, I just couldn't help but be reminded of my post on counseling from yesterday. Nobody is Superman. Despite the fact that we want to try to be, we are not gifted in everything. Even if we are the leader, we have to depend on others to fill roles that we are not gifted in. This is just a theory, but I think God has made us dependent upon one another in order for us to have a close community. If I was self-sustaining and completely gifted in every area, I would really have no need of others. When we realize that we need one another, we will be on our way to a dynamic community.

Watch out for the potholes.