Blue Flame LP Gas and other random thoughts

I slept in this morning and don't have time to write my third point of my sermon. Hopefully, that will come tomorrow. Instead you get to hear about some of the stuff going on in my life.

Yesterday, Blue Flame LP Gas came and filled up our propane tank. I would have to say the situation was infuriating. I have come to the conclusion that Blue Flame are crooks. This is the second time they have tried to screw me.

Let's teleport back to last year.

I needed my tank filled. It was in September, so gas rates were still cheap. I called and asked them to fill up my tank. They said it would be a 1.50something/gallon to fill it up. I said okay. For those unaware with heating one's house in the country by propane gas, there is a 500 lb. tank that is on lease (or that you own) from the gas company that you get filled. Then I thought that the price was outraeous. I called the locally ran competitor, Briceton, and asked them how much it would be. They said it would be 1.19/gallon. I called Blue Flame back and asked them to not fill my tank because Briceton said they could save me around $125. Blue Flame said they could match that price. I acquiesced and said okay.

However, I should've hopped out when I saw there true colors. I didn't.

Then yesterday, they came on their monthly route - something we signed up for last year but they have never done - and filled up our tanks. They put in 151.5 gallons at $1.96/gallon. That's a total of $297.14. Lindsay called me after she had received the bill. I was outraged. I called Briceton to find out what they are charging. It was $1.59/gallon. That would've been a total of $240.88, a saving of $57. So I called Blue Flame and politely asked if our bill could get lowered because Briceton is charging less. She put me on hold, apparently checked something, and then got back on and very rudely told me she wouldn't lower the bill. I politely asked her to take me off the delivery schedule. She very rudely told me that Briceton wasn't giving me their real numbers. I very politely told her thank you and goodbye.

According to the heating oil and propane update, the current price of propane is supposed to be around $1.70. They stink. It stinks even more because that site shows that wholesalers are getting the propane at .86 a gallon.

The moral of the story. Switch to Briceton at the quickest available opportunity. Hopefully, our tank will last the rest of the winter because those late winter rates get even more attrocious.

So this is my warning to everyone in the northwest Ohio area. Stay away from Blue Flame LP in Defiance, OH.


A Christian band is not allowed to play at an anti-drug assembly in nearby Toledo, OH.

I would almost have sympathy for the band except that one band member's father is on the school board and he didn't even stand up for them. We can have anything happen in a school as long as they don't speak the name of Jesus. It's silly. I don't expect the world to be any different. I would just love to live in a society that was different.


How is a leader a servant like Christ yet a visionary leader? I'm having a tough time reconciling the two in my head. I know he was, but we really don't have that thorough of a textbook on how it was worked out. He seemed to have alienated a lot of people. Do we need to lead in such a way that we alienate a bunch of people? Any thoughts?

Watch out for the potholes.