God in Secular Music Pt. 3

First, I have a confidential prayer request. So if you could please pray for me today. It's a one-day only thing. I would share but it involves something that needs to remain personal for reasons outside of me. I'm sure I will share some day in the future. (I hate unspoken prayer requests.)


Michael Stipe of REM wrote the following song. It's not as bitter as Trent Reznor's yesterday, but it is still sad. One thing I notice that the things that infuriate artists are things that should also infuriate Christians. I couldn't find out what specific show, if there was one, he was writing about.

New Test Leper by REM

"I can't say that i love jesus
That would be a hollow claim.
He did make some observations
And i'm quoting them today.
"judge not lest ye be judged."
What a beautiful refrain.
The studio audience disagrees.
Have his lambs all gone astray?

Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Call me a leper

"you are lost and disillusioned!"
What an awful thing to say.
I know this show doesn't matter.
It means nothing to me.
I thought i might help them understand
But what an ugly thing to see.
"i am not an animal"
Subtitled under the screen.

Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Call me a leper

When i tried to tell my story
They cut me off to take a break.
I sat silent 5 commercuials
I had nothing left to say
The talk show host was index-carded
All organized and blank
The other guests were scared and hardened
What a sad parade.

What a sad parade

Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Call me a leper

Watch out for the potholes. My wife use to be a Lepper. Then she married me. I have cured her.