God in secular music Pt. 1

I wish I ran across this quote before my sermon yesterday.

A quote from John Fletcher's Potrait of St. Paul:
"Christian humility has its source in the knowledge of our corruption as Christian charity flows from the knowledge of the great salvation which Chris has procured for us: and if these two graces are not resident in our hearts, our religion is but the shadow of Christianity."


The Caulfields wrote a song in the early nineties that was a prayer from the lead singer to God. I think it is a great insight into the non-believers mind. I was there at one time. It saddens me and increases my desire to help people see the Lord as he truly is.

Fragile by the Caulfields

I'd love to hear your thoughts
On sinners you have caught
And what about the ones who got away
Where are they today
You see them everywhere
And they don't care
And if we all seem terrified
IT's just because we are
We're fragile
Don't let us down too hard

What does it all achieve
The orphaned family grieves
But still believes
In our rebirth
You damned us all to earth
And turned it into hell
And wished us well
And if we all seem petrified
It doesn't mean we're hard
We're fragile
Don't let us fall too far

Is this the part
When everyone gets on their knees for you
I always wanted to believe in you
But you never gave me half a chance
Or half a reason to
Are you fragile too?

I'd love to make you proud
But I know
They sure put on a show
And man they say it loud
They're not my crowd
And if I can't believe in you
It doesn't mean I don't
I'm fragile
Don't let me fall alone
I'm fragile
I can't fall alone

Watch out for the potholes.