A Prayer From Kids, Part Two

I taught a homeschool class to boys on being men at the Hicksville homeschool co-op.  If you know me, I stayed away from manly man things, but we focused on connecting with God to be spiritual leaders.

One of the activities we did was construct a group prayer that they read at the closing large group session.  We based it on the elements of the Lord's Prayer. 

I transcribed the prayer for the group of boys because they were too small to write it themselves.  This is the prayer from the third through fifth graders.   T


God, you are powerful, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.  Great and merciful.

Thank you for loving us, dying on the cross for our sins, that you have been good to us all of our lives, letting us enjoy the whole world.

Thank you for our dogs, fruit and vegetables, flowers, food, water, trees, our moms and dads, brothers and sisters.

Help us to do good in school, be better and more like You, to be loving to others.  Help the economy and the people hurting from losing jobs.  Help us to choose the right path.

We are glad with everything you have given us.

In Jesus' name,