Learning to Teach Through our Living

What did you do last week to help someone?  Did you do something?  If not, you had a dead faith week.  It does not matter if you abstained from the big sins like murder, gossip, adultery, hate.  Abstaining does not make you God’s.  It does not matter if you did your morning devotions, prayed before meals, or attended church.  Those are just tools to help you know and experience God.  Bringing about God’s will makes you His.  Helping others is what makes you God’s.  Faith apart from works is dead.

Living the life God designed us to live does not happen without us dying to ourselves.  We have to push aside our dreams, our selfish ambitions, our desires, and take on the dreams, ambitions, and desires of Jesus.  We cannot follow our own will and follow His will.  The word Christian, literally means slave of Christ.  Are we really his slave bringing about his will?  Are we Christians?  Or are we slaves to our own will living for ourselves acting like Christians where we want or only when it is convenient?

The message of Jesus is best exhibited when we love; words are necessary but can be very empty without action in love.

The love of Jesus is not contagious if it is only taught.  He will not spread to others if we do not live His life and love out in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our houses, or anywhere we are.  If we just want to teach it, it will not spread.  We will not see lives changed, our church will not grow, nor will our lives be blessed in the way that God wants to bless us.  The love of Jesus is like the color blue.  It must be experienced to be understood.  And since Jesus no longer walks the earth any more.  It is up to us to let people experience His love through us as we let Him lead us by the Holy Spirit.