No Present Day Good Samaritan

The local paper reported an amazing story:  Store Refusing Cash - No Gag.

A store in the Ft. Wayne area was robbed and the female clerk was tied up.  That's not the shocking part.  Robberies happened.  What is tragic is what happened next.

Frank Gray from the Journal reports:  "To add insult to injury, shortly after the robber had fled, a woman walked into the shop and the clerk, sobbing, told her she had just been robbed and three times begged her to cut her free so she could call the police. Instead of helping, the woman announced she didn’t want to get involved and left, leaving the clerk tied up and giving the crook more time to get away."

Tragic.  No Good Samaritan that day.  The clerk eventually dialed the phone with her tongue and got the help she needed.

This really strikes at the heart of being a free society.  If we are not willing to help one another when we are in need, we just open ourselves up for more and more government intervention to fill that perceived need.  So when you see someone in need, take some time and help them out.  Especially in a clear cut case like this where the woman was definitely not trying to scam anyone.  All she wanted was someone to untie the binds that bound her.  Don't be afraid to get involved.  Strangers are not usually dangerous.