The Return of Mr. Anonymous - On Military Aggression, Health Care, and God's Will

Recently, an anonymous poster has frequented my political postings and railed against my views in the comments. I previously had an anonymous poster who disagreed with me about the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.

My thoughts are the same today as they were then.
I appreciate the reply. I just don't see things the same way. As long as you reply in a spirit of love, I don't mind if you continue to reply. For if you are speaking the truth, it does need to get out there despite my thoughts.
Anyway, Anonymous wrote several comments regarding God's will and Obama. You can go there to read them in full because I have not reposted them in their entirety.
I think if it was God's will for us to stop killing people around the world, he would not permit it. Something would cause it to not happen.
God does not always enact His will immediately. There are lots of events and actions that are against God's will that occur daily. God is patient and would rather see us change our ways than to automatically punish us. Just because something happens does not mean it is His will.

Paul wrote to the Romans that God will work all things for the good of those who love Him. It does not say that all things work according to His will. Events are going to happen that are not God's will, but when we experience those sufferings or pain, we need to not lose hope. Especially in the surrounding context of Paul's letter, it means that God will never abandon or stop loving those who are His despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. We know that we are supposed to faithfully follow His will, even if it leads to the point of death. Our physical condition does not determine our spiritual condition.
What would you have us do about the people that are determined to kill American's? Go round them up and put them in jail or rehab? There is such a thing as self defense.
Since our government has begun to define preemptive strikes as self-defense, we can now categorize any aggressive military action as self-defense. It's very convenient that way.

In regards to the military issue, we seem to be coming at it from two different angles. My only concern is to follow Jesus' teachings to love my enemies and turn the other cheek. A person killing Americans has moved into the enemy category and needs to be loved by me. There will always be people in power trying to force their will on others, but my role as a follower of Jesus is to do His will. America will be able to take care of itself without me joining in on acts that would violate my conscience.
Does the Constitution mention anything about the gov't providing healthcare?
The Constitution does not mention health care nor was I stating that it does. I was talking about God's will that we should love one another. Providing health care for each other would be a form of loving one another. Maybe it is something that only the churches should do with money giving willingly rather than the government through tax dollars, but I do not see that happening. If it was happening, we would not be having this conversation. I only know of one church that has paid the health insurance of an individual that was in need and not an employee of the church. I see a lot of people being rejected health care unless it is an emergency treatment.

And a brief message to the anonymous poster:
Why are you reading all of my posts and anonymously commenting on them? We could discuss these things as friends over a meal if you would like. But if you aren't from this area, we can still discuss these things knowing one another.