Losing my way on my way to the doctor

I was heading to the doctor the other day and got off course.  There was detour after detour, taking me way out of my way, and I eventually had no idea where I was.  I was lost because the path I intended to take was obstructed. 

We can get lost from being who God wants us to be when things in our life don't go as planned.  Sometimes bumps in the road or drastic detours get in our way.  We eventually have no idea where we are and how we got here.  But if we quit seeking we'll never find our way. 

I figured that I had to head west.  I had to look at the sun and determine which direction west was.  At times like that, I wish I was like my Grandpa Nate who always had a compass on his dashboard.  Eventually, heading in the right direction, I found the road I was supposed to have been on in the first place, but I was late to my appointment. 

Another thing I could have done was to choose another car and start following them, not even knowing what their intended destination was.  We can all easily recognize that following any, old car when we are lost is not a good idea because we do not know where they are headed.

As Christians, I think this is one of our biggest problem, and we don't realize how stupid we are being.  We begin to get distracted from our destination.  We will start to look at those around rather than the example of Jesus.  Our critical eye begins to pick apart others on how they aren't who God wants them to be, as if we have already arrived at the destination ourselves.  We get hung up on little, pet doctrines while ignoring the great commands to love God and love our neighbor. 

The key to finding our way is to keep our eye on the sun and follow his direction.  We need to always remain focused on Jesus and His will for our lives.  That will be enough to get us through, even when we feel lost.