Obama, Health Care Reform, and the Health Care Industry

Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer stated, "It is our hope the Republicans will come together around their plan and post that online prior to the meeting so that the American people have a chance to go look at it... and be thoroughly informed heading into this meeting."

So Obama has released his health care plan and then challenged the Republicans to come up with their own. The problem is that if the Republicans come up with their own, it would look exactly like the Democrats' plan. Then the whole charade would be over. They seem to both be bought and paid for by the corporations. It appears that the policy was written by lobbyists. The health insurance companies and their lobbyists will be celebrating today.

One interesting thing that I discovered in trying to find a poll of how many Americans are for health care reform is that there are no such polls. Please prove me wrong and show me a poll. I would love to see one or some. Rasmussen and Gallup consistently phrase the questions in terms that would make me, even though I want health care reform, say "no." They phrase the question in terms of whether the respondent is in favor of the current proposed reform rather than whether the respondent wants reform. What I find amazing is that 40% of Americans still say "yes" to such a slanted question.

Bring on the reform, just not this reform proposed by Obama.

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