Eli and the Red Jimmy Spencer 23 Car

Eli loves his red #23 car. It was lost for around a year. About three weeks ago Lindsay found it, and it made him so happy. Even after three weeks, he still thanks God every time he prays for mama finding his #23 car. He takes that car everywhere he goes and is destined to lose it again.

The other day I was a little depressed and wanted some extra appreciation. I decided to take that #23 car and put it in my pocket.

Then I asked him, "Do you know where your #23 car is?"

He said, "I don't know where it is."

I said, "You better find it."

He despeartely tried to find that car for around 15 minutes. I then told him, "You must have lost it." He started to cry. I felt so bad for him.

He quit moping around and crying about an hour later. An hour after that I pulled the car out of my pocket and said, "Look what I found. Your red #23 car!"

He jumped up and down. "You found it! You found it, daddy!"

I was his hero. I hope he thanks God for me finding his red #23 car now.

Just in case you think I am an evil dad, everything after the first paragraph was made up.