David Blaine Holding His Breath

Last night, I came home from work, plopped in front of the television because everyone was asleep, and ended up watching David Blaine break the record for holding his breath. It was a rerun of the afternoon Oprah show.

He held his breath for over seventeen minutes. I was pretty impressed. I woke up this morning believing that it had to be an illusion. I think he tricked Guiness, Oprah, and everyone else into believing that he held his breath. The things that made it seem like a trick of illusion is that he had his own $200,000 globe hauled all the way from New York for the trick (specially constructed illusionary device?). He also did some messing around with his feet prior to the illusion (trick of diversion?). Oprah even asked him after the feat about him messing with his feet beforehand. He stated that he was strapping them in. Somehow, he left the tank or had some trick of air fed to him. Maybe the specially constructed tube has an air pocket where his head is. I do not know the trick, but he should be congratulated on tricking most media outlets and the rest of America.

It was a great show as you thought he was going to give up right before he broke the record (something that a great illusionist would do to bring more attention).

In the end, I think David Blaine tricked America. It was a great trick though. I cannot figure it out. Nor can I find any website that has it figured out.

Maybe he really did it, but I doubt it. I guess I am too skeptical of an illusionist. He should of had a different day job if he wanted us to believe his stunt-like world records are real.