Stop the Video News on the Internet - Or at least keep me safe from it

This is my dream. An internet that is text based in which I can skim information quickly, get what I want, and move on. But that is not the case.

One of the featured stories at Yahoo today was a story on a Cheerleader's death (don't click - it's video). I clicked on the story with the expectation to read and find out how a cheerleader died, only to find out that it was a video story. Nothing warned me it was going to be video. Now I still wonder how the cheerleader died because I would rather waste my time typing a post complaining about video on the internet than actually wasting my time watching a news story.

I am so sick of my news being read to me by some botoxed talking face. Give me text please. Written words never go out of style. They are still the quickest way to digest the news. I can get more news in five minutes on the internet than a half hour of news from one of the major networks or a full day on one of those 24-hour news channels.

Side rant - Those 24-hour news channels just repeat themselves over and over. It is so irritating. They also like to waste their time covering storms. Storm news is the stupidest journalistic (if you can even call it that) invention. It's almost as frustrating to me as video on the internet. I have quit watching those dumb channels.

Back to the regularly scheduled rant - Let us have a clear wall built in which video internet fans do not have to risk encountering the written word, and written word fans do not have to risk encountering video. If some portal like Yahoo said they were going to have a video-free environment, I would sign up today and leave my Yahoo mail. (Although I really do like their financial section, but I do not run across videos there. CNN's website has a video playing when you load their financial page. I need to quit visiting there. I think I will stop going their today like I stopped watching the ABC evening news after that wrestling match they hosted last week.)