Apple's Advertising Frustrates Me - The Apple/Microsoft Commercials

I must say that the commercials for MacBook Air are pretty impressive. I love the music. I was completely impressed the first time I saw that commerical. When I see it air, I am almost ready to go out and by the cool, thin computer. It would be nice to not have to lug my thick laptop around. (My dad had a portable Compaq computer in the 1980s. The thing was as big as a large suitcase and weighed twice as much. I remember taking it on vacation with us to Florida. I have fond memories with that giant piece of luggage.)

Then I see the other Apple commercials - the elitist ones with the chubby "Microsoft" guy and the "Hip and Trendy" Apple guy.

This is pretty irrelevant to the discussion but most of the Apple guys I have encountered look like the Microsoft guy. Then again most Americans look like the Microsoft guy.

What frustrates me is the commercial is completely trying to make people switch by just making Apple look cooler. I fear for our society if it is filled with people who buy goods just to be cooler. Most commercials try to hide this appeal to our baser instinct, but not the Apple commercial. They go right for it.

So I am left with the decision. I can stick with Microsoft who does all that I want a computer to do and remain "chubby" or I can switch to Apple, which would do most of what I want a computer to do except play some of the games I like to play, and be "hip and trendy".

Who do you want to be? The "Hip and Trendy" Apple guy or the dumb, chubby "Microsoft" guy?


One of the workers at Clem's is a die-hard Apple fan. I shared with him my frustrations concerning their "elitist" commercial campaign, and he shared how Microsoft makes you buy a word processor and Apple does not. That is true. I checked then at what hardware (memory, processor, etc.) I would get if I ordered an Apple. For pretty much the same equipment, you pay about $300 more for an Apple. So for $300 more, you get a "free" word processor. I love "free" word processors.

He did point out something that is appealing to me. With an Apple, there is no compatibility issues with programs from the 80s. That is appealing to me because I some times like to play old games.

When it is all said and done, I must admit that I am always looking for a deal. I am not the "chubby" guy (although I am on the way there). I am not "hip and trendy" in the least bit. I am frugal. Anyway, I do not buy an Apple because it does not play all the games I want to play and it costs more.