The Mormon Polygamist Sect, Mothers, and the Government

Why is the government keeping the children away from their mothers? It seems like the mothers should have access to the children. Arrest the men if that must be done (especailly arrest the men who were sleeping with minors), but let the mothers have their children back. If anyone knows of any way that a person in Ohio can actually help the mothers get their children back, please let me know. My internet searches have been fruitless on the subject, and I really do feel that the mothers should have their children back.

Why does our society view polygamy as inherently evil when a non-married polygamist lifestyle is exalted in our society? A single person can sleep around and it is fine. (I am not arguing for polygamy, but I really cannot see how our society can be so adamantly against it when they no longer enforce adultery laws or have laws against promiscuity and orgies.)

I saw one of those television news shows where they pretty much exalted the polygamist lifestyle of some liberal New Yorker who had two girlfriends or one wife and a girlfriend living with him. It's been a while so the exact details elude me, but they did exalt the lifestyle. But when the polygamy comes from religion rather than liberalism, it is wrong? We allow a state to crack down on the polygamists, confiscate the children, and imprison the rest?

Somebody help us.