Tsotsi - A Movie Dialogue

I just watched the movie Tsotsi. I'm on a subtitled movie streak.

**Spoiler Warning**

The theme of this movie is redemption if you could even call it that. This is a slightly flawed redemption in that he still pays the punishment for the crimes committed. The movie deals with a kid from the slums who lives a life of crime. He carjacks a vehicle in the nice area of town only to find out that the baby is still in the car. This was the most frustrating part of the movie. After receiving the baby, the kid straightens out his life only to wind up killing a fellow gang member and get arrested while returning the baby to his parents.

The best parts of the movie are the kid interacting with a crippled man. In these conversations the hard kid starts to understand what it is really like to (heck I really don't know what he was supposed to understand in these conversations).

This movie seemed to miss the mark. It was almost a good movie. To its detriment, the movie never touched on the economic disparity between the rich victims and the impoverished criminal. The creators seemed to make the point that the kid is the way he is because of his poor family life as a child. I also think it was to the movies detriment to fail in mentioning personal responsibility for ones decisions.

Entertaining: 2/5
Inspiring: 1/5
Ethical Thinking: 2/5

I really cannot understand why this movie was nominated for anything. I felt it was a waste of time to even watch it the first time. Lindsay liked it slightly more than me, but she probably was moved by the cute baby.