Hitch - A Movie Dialogue

Okay, I am going to lose all street cred on this one.

I watched Hitch. This was a Lindsay choice although it was a pleasant viewing experience. I would put this up there with Notting Hill as one of the more enjoyable chick flicks.

Nothing too heavy in this movie.

The movie's theme centered on bad guys make it impossible for good guys to get women. I have always thought that women just did not want good guys rather than bad guys hurt good guys chances.

The movie also focused on the theme of allowing yourself to be vulnerable again despite being hurt in the past.

Entertaining: 4/5
Inspiring: 2/5
Ethical Thinking: 3/5

Although fun and enjoyable, it gets the low "inspiring" score because it really did not inspire me to do anything.

I would watch this movie again, but I would not leave the room if it was on.