The Impact of an Open Primary - How I get to vote for Obama

I wonder what impact the open primaries will have on the Hilary-Obama elections tomorrow. I have only heard it mentioned once in the news and that was on a panel show on NPR. It seems to me that it might be the most significant factor in the Ohio primaries. I know Obama will get a vote from me that would not have happened if the Republican race was close.

For those who do not have an open primary, it is where one can go into the voting station and declare what ticket they are going to vote on. The only problem is that I will not get to vote for the county commissioner that I want to vote for in the Republican primary. I do weigh whether it is irresponsible of me to vote on the presidential primary over the local commissioner race, but then I think about Hilary and what it would be like to have her as our President and I am reaffirmed in my choice. I am going to go into that voting booth and say "Democrat" for the first time in my life.

How many other people that normally vote Republican are going to go and vote against Hilary? Her bid for the presidency can be snuffed out if enough Ohio Republicans and independents say "Democrat" tomorrow and vote against her. This becomes so much more of an option since the Republican race is all but over. Independents definitely have no reason to say "Republican" at the voting station, and Republicans do only if they have a horse in the local elections. I think Republicans and Independents might provide enough of a swing to push Obama over Hilary despite leading in the pre-primary polls.