Little Miss Sunshine - A Movie Dialogue

Well, I am still recovering from Little Miss Sunshine.

The movie centered around a self-help teaching father, a normal working mom, a suicidal Proust professor/uncle, a drug/sex addict grandpa, a teenage brother obsessed with Nietzsche, and Olive, little miss sunshine. This is the story of their journey. I cannot really tell what I liked about the journey without giving away too much.

The point of the movie was that we need to be true to ourselves no matter what our society says we should be. And they make that point in extremely dramatic/nearing vulgar fashion. Unlike other movies, I just do not feel like I can go into explaining things without completely ruining the movie.

It was definitely a movie that emphasized family albeit in a backward sort of way. This family was about the worse family imaginable at the beginning. The brother had taken a vow of silence, the uncle had just tried to kill himself, and the grandpa was kicked out of a nursing home due to improper behavior. Everyone's life falls apart in just this little weekend, but Olive seems to be loving and sensitive enough to help bring healing to everyone.

It gave me a lot to think about, and I doubt I will be able to get this movie out of my head quickly. I have not laughed so much in a while. I think you would have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this movie, but I was in that mood tonight. It was refreshingly funny yet insightful.

Now to the ratings.

Entertaining: 5/5
Inspiring: 5/5
Ethical Thinking: 5/5

This movie is worth owning and watching over and over (okay, I have only seen it once so I really do not know if it stands the test of time). I must warn that it is rated "R" for a reason and would not be appropriate for the whole family. I also must give the disclaimer that a high "ethical thinking" rating does not mean that the movie was ethical but that it makes you think about ethics.