The Political Survey Calls Begin

I received my first political survey call of the primary season last night. Ohio is usually completely forgotten, but this time our state is going to rake in a lot of that political donor money.

It was a political survey paid for by "John McCain for President". It began with the most difficult question I have in this primary season. Are you going to vote in the Republican primary. The honest answer was "maybe", but they did not provide that as an option for me. They offered strictly yes or no. I will vote for Huckabee if he is viable at that time, but I also want to vote for Obama on the Democratic side. If Huckabee appears no longer valid, I am going to vote for Obama. I love open primaries; however, this would be the first time I ever vote in a Democratic primary. I have always went in and voted for Republicans up to this point in my life.

Then the survey listed the Republican candidates still in the race and asked who I was going to vote for. I chose Huckabee.

Then they asked which issue influence my position the most. The other day, the Diane Rheim show had a journalist from the Columbus Dispatch on who said that Ohioans are more pragmatic rather than principled when they vote. I figure that says more about how he votes rather than how the state of Ohio votes. I chose value related issues as most important because they did not have any of the other three as options. Although they did list "war in Iraq", but for Republicans that usually means supporting the war in Iraq.

That was a little disjointed, but that was my thoughts after receiving my first political phone call of the is primary season. I expect many more to come.