My Thoughts on Super Tuesday - McCain, Electoral Votes, and the Evangelical Vote

I stayed up too late last night watching the voting results. A few things stood out to me.

NBC and ABC do not understand that states do not matter in the Democratic primaries; all that mattera are delegates. I wound up watching Katie Couric (although I would choose her over Brian Williams) last night because CBS war rightly focused on delegates rather than states on the Democratic side. Being one of the rare non-cable residents of the US, I had to switch over to ABC at 11 because CBS put the local news on followed by David Letterman. Then I had to switch over to PBS at midnight; they quit broadcasting at 1. I then hopped online to the Drudgereport to find that they were only reporting states on the Democratic side rather than delegates, which they are still doing this morning. Idiots!

My Ron Paul friend will continue to think that Ron Paul is the leading candidate (due to amount of campaign signs and everyone he knows besides me is a Ron Paul supporter) and is losing due to voter fraud. Nothing happened last night to change that. I think the only event that could change that perception is him outright winning.

How do they measure if you are an evangelical after polling? They say evangelicals turned out in record numbers for this election in many of the southern states. Is it just people that say they are evangelicals when asked a polling question? If so, it might just mean that more people are identifying themselves as evangelicals rather than evangelicals having some massive political movement getting out the vote.

I am waiting in anticipation to see who the "evangelical" right will get to run in the new eventual third-party due to the pro-choice McCain being all but locked in as Republcian nominee. Will Huckabee abandon the party and run as the third-party candidate? Or do they have someone already in the wings waiting?

In regards to what I am looking for in a candidate, it looks like McCain is on the bottom of my list not having any of the three. He is below each of the other five Democratic and Republican candidates that were viable (I hate that concept) last night. I cannot believe that I would actually vote for Hilary over someone else, but it does seem that is what my convictions would lead me to do if it was a Hilary-McCain run-off. I sure hope I am not left to only a Hilary-McCain option. I am so ready to waste my vote on any candidate other than those two.

Lindsay and I wondered if Katie Couric had some botox work done. Her face does not move. We paid attention to that for minutes. Maybe the lack of moving face is a ratings ploy in the old style of circus promotions reminiscent of the hairy lady, freakishly flexible girl, or women with three boobs. I think that it is weird that people in the news and entertainment think having non-moving faces makes them look better. It disturbs me the whole time I watch people whose faces do not move when they talk. Stop botox!

And my final conclusion last night is that I will be voting on the Democratic side in the Ohio primary, which will actually matter this year, with the hope that Obama will be nominated rather than Hilary. They should not let us independents vote in whatever party primaries we want, but they do. It just means that I would rather have him running than any of the other Democratic candidates. That does not mean I will vote for him in the final election. I am still far from decided. Obviously, I will not vote for McCain no matter what. Hilary is a slight possibility which grows into a yes if it is just McCain-Clinton.