The Shepherd and Us, The Flock.

What is an aspect of the ideal church that you wished was lived out among the body of believers you are in fellowship with?

Some might say there isn't one. They are complacent. We will ignore those because none of will ever be in the perfect church until the other side of the grave.

Part of our being a Christian is seeking the kingdom of God. That entails making our church more and more of an example of the kingdom here on earth. Most of us who read this are in positions of leadership (except for me) in the churches we attend. We are in a position be the first sheep following the shepherd to the better waterhole.

People that are where they should be need no leader. Grace allows us to freely admit that none of us are where we should be. We all need a leader, and that leader is Jesus Christ. We need to submit to him and be the first in his flock to hear his voice and set an example on following him. We aren't shepherds. We're just a few of the sheep that, hopefully, listen more attentively to the shepherd's leadings.

We're just sheep.

Just sheep with the greatest shepherd.

Watch out for the potholes.