How I Wish You Were Here

Okay. Maybe not. It wouldn't be a good time to be in the Clem's household. Isaac goes to be around eight. At 10:20 I hear two whimpering "mamas" through the monitor, then a "blaggghhhh", followed by screaming "mamas". Isaac is my responsibility if he wakes up in the middle of the night because Lindsay takes care of Eli. Unfortunately, this was not a task that superdad could handle alone. Vomit covered Isaac's bed.

Then I brought him downstairs. I figured he could sleep on the love seat while I slept on the couch to be close to him and keep an eye and ear on him. I'm laying there trying to go back to sleep when I hear some heavy swallowing going on from the love seat. I get up and go ask Isaac if he needs to vomit again. He says he's okay. I go back the lay down and hear another "blaggghhhh". The love seat has now been Isaacitized. He then proceeds to tell me he is feeling better. That is where we are right now. He is sitting in the living room watching Baby Van Gogh. I figure if he vomits he can stay up and watch television with daddy. However, I then came in here to type this.

The one thought that came to my mind during this whole situation was this: Your child vomiting makes you stop everything and take care of him and the vomit. It made me think how I need to be the same way when it comes to Kingdom situations. When I see an opportunity to serve God or love another, I need to be as responsive to following God as I am to my child's vomiting. I hope that there isn't a return to the vomiting. I'm going to go back out there and join him. Maybe I can talk him into letting me watch another episode of Andromeda.

Watch out for the Potholes.