Blogging and Illness and a Recommendation

Well, I have the flu too. It's horrible, but I have made a tremendous discovery, Oscillococcinum. That's the overly-commercialized homeopathic flu remedy. I was starting to feel real bad yesterday, so I went down to Meijer and purchased it for $13.50. The price tag almost turned me away, but I'm glad it didn't. I have yet to join the other Clem's in the fun sport of vomit tag. Lindsay is the ultimate loser because she always expels her fluids into the toilet; however, Isaac is the reigning champ.

Yesterday, I came home and the house smell was back to normal. No lingering effects of vomit. Everyone had a good day. No more vomiting. And Isaac even smiled and wanted to play games with me. I was in no shape to play games, but it is nice to see he is back to normal.

One of Isaac's favorite toys, and I strongly recommend them to anyone, is two poster packing tubes. We play swords with them. They are great. You could spend thousands of dollars on him, but he wouldn't like anything more than he likes those poster tubes. He calls them trumpets and says he wants to sword fight with trumpets.

Here are some of my favorite Isaac quotes from recently.

The night before he was sick he told me on his way up the stairs, "My food is not becoming poo-poo." I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently, he knew his food wasn't being digested.

After he had vomited all over his bed and himself, I asked him if he was hungry. Isaas replied, "I always hungry." Our boy has an insatiable appetite. I think he is probably at the worst age to get the flu because he wanted to constantly drink. If we gave him liquids, he would just vomit them up. I bet he asked over 100 times for water. It was crazy.

I know there was some much better quotes from the last few days, but I can't remember them.

Here are some tips on blogging. In my case, having to write something every day makes me have to continually challenge myself. I like that. It makes me have to live a life observing things around me. I like that too. As long as I receive those benefits, I will continue to blog every day.

I heard a quote from the Donnas the other day on NPR. They were asked, "Why do you think you succeeded when there are tens of thousands of garage bands around the country?"

They replied something along the lines of, "We only played for ourselves."

If the success of your blog is dependent upon personal growth, then it doesn't matter how many hits you get. You will continue blogging for yourself.

Watch out for potholes.