Toward A New American Dream

Over several months, they trimmed expenses and produced a $500,000 surplus. Normally, that money would help them feel secure in times of economic uncertainty.
But was security really what the church needed? "For so long, we saw those funds as something to use on a rainy day," says Platt.
"But why would we hold onto this for some potential future need when there are dire present needs all over the world?"
He learned that Compassion had several Child Survival Programs (CSPs) in India that needed funding. Platt remembered the despair he had seen in the country where 42 percent of the people live in poverty.
What better, more practical way to live out the gospel? Platt presented the idea to the church to fund 21 CSP child development centers in India with the surplus funds. They agreed.

First, I find it amazing that they had $500,000 in expenses that they could cut from their budget.

Next, I find it wonderful that they turned around and used that money to help the least of these.

We are so quick to say that a church should use their money that way because it is a beautiful, sacrificial thing. But being beautiful and sacrificial isn't just something that should be left to churches.

We should use our money that way. In our own budgets. We may not have $500,000 to save, but we can make cuts and live a little sacrificially so that others may be able to actually live.

Or is sacrifice something that we only expect of others?