Men and Women are Not Equal

Matt Walsh doesn't like the label “feminist.” Neither do I. Our whole generation hates labels, hence our anti-label generational name, assuming you’re a GenXer.

Yet then we seem to be willing to label each gender. I know women who are handier than me, like my wife. I know men who are weaker than other women. I know men who are more emotional than some women. I know women who lack empathy. All of the stereotypes we have for the genders don’t apply to everyone in that gender. There are people all around us that break our fabricated gender stereotypes.

Maybe it is just best to view everyone as an individual. Are we equal? None of us are equal. We are all different. And that's great. Together, through our differences, we can do greater things than we could do if all women were the same and all men were the same. We're unequal. We're uniquely different.