Kill Me First

Bruxy Cavey, from the Meeting House in Ontario, was out doing street evangelism.

A young black woman ran by, who appeared to be running for her life.  He looked at it sort of strangely but went back to what he was doing.

Then some white, skinheaded males in a gang ran by.  Cavey began to chase after them.

When he came around the corner into an alley, multiple guys surrounded the lady, kicking her.  Not casual kicks but kicks of death, trying to take the life from her.  Without thinking, Cavey pushed his way to the front of the group.

He got into a position where he leaned over her body and looked up at the crowd of young, angry white men.

He said, “I follow Jesus and that means that there are two things I cannot do.  One, is fight you.  Two, is sit by and do nothing.  All I can say is, ‘Kill me first.’”

They started talking to him, saying that he is white like them.  Cavey knew that this was not the time to try and reform their faulty racist thinking.  He kept repeating, “Kill me first.”

They talked among themselves about whether to kill him, but then they just left.

Cavey then called the hospital, and the woman received the help she needed.

Taken from Bruxy Cavey's sermon, But What About...