Falsehood, Lies, and A Culture of Deception

Falsehood is the dismantler of community.  We can’t have relationships with one another, nor can we be helped by others if we are fake.  Rather than changing who we really are, it is much easier to put on a mask.  Putting on a mask and acting like someone we are not can seem so normal at times, and the more we do it the more normal it begins to feel.  It can be the way we try to present ourselves to be more appealing to others.  In church, it can be us trying to be holier than we are.  At work, it can be acting busier and more successful than we really are.  Wherever we pretend to be someone we are not, it prohibits us from having real relationships with one another because falsehood hides the real self.  Withou real relationships, we will not enjoy the life God intended for us to have and cannot be the body together that Jesus is trying to shape us into being.

Putting away falsehood is much more than just not telling a lie.  We can be legalistic and self-righteous about always telling the truth.  Putting away falsehood is about living transparently, about not trying to deceive, about not cutting corners, about dealing fairly with everyone you deal with, and sharing our lives with one another.  In our culture, we begin to justify things like downloading free music, software, or games.  We cut corners on paying taxes or getting permits.  We can try to profit off the ignorance of others or find a way to cheat and get ahead.  We can abstain from telling lies and still be dishonest people.

At the core of a dishonest life is discontentment about our situation, about who we are, and not truly believing that God loves us for who we are.  You don’t need to try and be someone else and be fake; you just need to allow God to wrap his arms around you, clothe you in the new self he has designed for you, and live trying to be who he wants you to be.  If you feel you need to be someone else, don’t take the cheap path and fake it.  Put on the new self that God wants you to be but always remember that God loves you for who you are.  Before you get all prettied up, make yourself beautiful, God loves you.  Before you bring home money to feed the family, God still loves you.  You no longer need to fake anything.  There is no need to put on falsehood.  You just need to recognize the ultimate truth:  God loves you.  He made who you are.  He made you with a purpose in mind.  God infinitely loves you.

"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another" Eph 4:25 (ESV).