A Reply to Sin Isn't the Problem with the World, Theology Is

George Elerick just wrote an article on the Huffington Post:  Sin isn't the Problem with the World, Theology Is.

One of the comments stated the following.  I foolishly replied.

"But what did the unicorns say about it? The dragons? What about the fairy queen?

It's 2010, we need to stop this magical thinking. It is embarrassing that any functioning adult would believe this. No matter what nonsense you use to back it up. It's childish."

Before you disregard it because it is from the Bible, what do you think about the biblical approach to sin? The author took one approach - that sin is not significant or that it is not striving to better one's self. The Bible takes another. That we are all sinners. Too often humans like us live with an air of superiority to those who have different views or actions than we have. For instance, you called Christians "childish" demeaning their intellect.

When we live either the author's view or the biblical view out in the way we view others, both lead us to loving all of humanity and not looking down on others. Those people who wrote the letters and books that are contained in the Bible nearly 2000 years ago had that one figured out. What if the Bible's view on this is right?

And most Christians also don't want anything to do with Pat Robertson's form of Christianity.

We are each sinful, but we are also wonderfully made in the image of God. We can either wallow in our sin or we can train ourselves to be a reflection of His perfected image.