John Nugent's book Radical Ecumenicity

I just found out on Facebook that John Nugent, professor at Great Lakes Christian College and brother from Delta Community Christian Church in Lansing, edited a collection of essays.  

In his own words, "I've edited a collection of essays on church unity, theology, witness at work, liturgy, ethics, OT/NT relations, the thought of John Howard Yoder, and more. Not all essays will equally engage everyone, but there are precious gems in there for everyone. It's titled "Radical Ecumenicity" and it's finally available to purchase on Amazon. So don't let the title scare you and go buy it :)"

There you have it.  Go support a GLCC alum!  My copy is on the way, so no review from me.  For more John, you can read one of my favorite posts ever at Potholes, Good News of God's Kingdom.