Where did I get the time?

I look back at my earlier blogging days and wonder where I came up with all of the time to blog. That was crazy. I still want to be a regular blogger, but I just do not seem to have as much time.

Now I am left trying to come up with time to write the sermons that I will be preaching next week.

The morning sermon will be on 1 Peter 1:22-2:10. I was struggling with what to preach, but these verses jumped out at me, so I have been reading up on them.

The evening sermon is going to be on what makes God change his mind. [This is actually being changed right now. I guess God changed His mind. :)]

Two sermons in one day seems crazy. If you're in the Antwerp area on March 4 and do not have a church home, feel free to stop on by. The morning service at the Antwerp Church of Christ starts at 10:30. The evening service starts at 7:00.

Watch out for the potholes.