How to Get Volunteers in Church and have Effective Ministries

The following is a list on what needs to be done to do ministry effectively with many volunteers. Some will be pretty obvious, but sometimes the obvious ones get overlooked most often.

1. Insure that all the ministries of the church are loving.

2. Have ministries for different types of people to serve in.

3. Empower and equip the people in the church to do activities through the church that can further the work of the kingdom and fits what they are already passionate about or already doing. Opening up the discussion to the body to come up with their own ministries will create dynamic ministries that the people in your church will be gifted at and can become excited about. Ministries do not need to be limited to the ministries that are already being done. Chances are that many pew sitters would already be involved if the church was taking on ministries that those pew sitters would be passionate about.

4. Make sure that all of your ministries are not internally focused. Too often people get burnt out on just ministering to the flock. Have some outreach ministries.

5. Provide some manly ministries. Many men will get involved in church through ministries rather than listening to a sermon, but the church needs to have manly ministries. Manly ministries would be, but not limited to, a home improvement group that would go around and help those less fortunate fix up necessary projects on their houses or car maintenance ministries that would do oil changes for single mothers.

6. Ask people to serve. Not just in a general announcement but specifically. If you feel someone is gifted yet they are not serving, ask them. Not everyone is going to stand up on their own. Many need to be invited. If they do not want to do what you ask them to do, strike up a conversation about what ministries they might want to be involved in.

7. Give the volunteers the resources and tools necessary to fulfill the job and do the ministry well. Some ministries take finances and the church needs to back these because they are often the most effective.

8. Encourage the volunteers and give clear ministry objectives.

9. Evaluate their service or their ministry. This is less of a critical step and more of an assurance that they are in a ministry that they are feeling fulfilled in and are using their gifts to their utmost.

10. Insure that all of the ministries of the church are loving. That is repeated because it is the most important aspect of ministry through the church. If the ministry is not loving or focused on equipping people to be loving, then it is a waste of the church's time and resources.

The goal is to further God's kingdom and give Him glory. Equipping the saints for ministry and empowering them to effectively do them is an important aspect of healthy church life.