Verizon and their service

Our phone was not working yesterday. (This was after thawing out my washer drain pipe and noticing that when Stucky's installed our new washer and dryer they did not set up the dryer to exhaust outside but under the house. I spent a lot of time under the house yesterday. I think my hand about froze off dealing with the dryer exhaust. The wind would just blow through it, and I was having to work without gloves.) So I bundled up and opened up the Verizon box outside of my house to make sure that the problem was on their end and not mine. It was, so I called.

The thing that frustrated me about this is that Verizon said we would have to be at our house from 8 a.m. to 4:52 p.m. today. They expect people to stay around their house all day and wait around for the Verizon repair me. This is insane. They could at least give a morning or afternoon time. I would prefer a two hour window. I just can't believe this. I guess it's time for deregulation or something.

It is all moot now. I woke up this morning and the phone was working. Still, I like the idea of deregulation. Why do they call it "deregulation" if it is actually the government coming in and regulating?

Watch out for the potholes.