Stay Focused on What is Truly Important

We went to two Ft. Wayne Wizards baseball games last week. The first was on Friday. They had fireworks after the game. Eli was terrified of the noise and wept uncontrollably a few times. I covered his ears the whole time. Despite the crying, he did seem to like the fireworks.

Then we went to a game on Monday. After every game, they open up the field and allow kids to run the bases. Isaac thoroughly enjoys it. Up to this point, Eli has yet to ever reach first base.

We waited in line for about ten minutes. Then it was our turn. Isaac and his friend took off down the line racing. Eli and I took off behind them. Eli uses his upper torso way more than his legs when he runs. Its rather funny.

We ran down the first base line towards first base. As we ran, we passed Dinger the Dragon (the Wizards' mascot). Then we continued. About five feet away from first Eli turned around, pointed at the dragon, and started running towards him.

Getting to first base for the first time was not as important as giving Dinger a five.

What pointless rat races do we find ourselves in that we should just give up on and focus on what is important?

Watch out for the potholes.