A la carte Satellite - Give it to me

We're currently looking at options for satellite television (Dish or DirectTV).  The process is extremely frustrating because of the package options.  I don't really want to pay for the largest package, but the system seems to be set up to encourage me to do such.  It seems weird.  From te very beginning of my interaction with the satellite company, my feelings have been negative.  That doesn't seem like the relationship I would like to have as a businessman with my customers.  

There has been a push lately for legislation to ban satellite and cable companies from selling bundled packages.  I think that would be great.  I would love to choose what
channels come into my house without having to buy them in a bundle.

Consumers Union (an organization of Consumers Reports) has a petition to sign if you want to ban bundling.  

Here is an article that says bundling isn't really a bad thing.  

Do I really believe it will get us a lower price as the proponents of a la carte programming believe?  No.  But it will make me happy to know that I am not paying for things that I don't like, and that I can have all the channels I want without having to buy the largest package.  

However, I do believe choice would allow for better programming in the long run.  That is unless you live on the fringe and enjoy things nobody else does.  But most fringes in America seem to be large enough to support their own channel.  We would only really know that if we had the choice to choose what channels we have on our television.  And choice would show the companies what we want to watch.    

What baffles me is that we only have two companies in all of the United States offering satellite television.  Along, with the handful of oil companies, I'm going to have to say that capitalism is dead in our nation.

I do think the actions of satellite and cable companies are just setting themselves up for defeat once the internet catches up to them.

Watch out for the potholes.